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Sister Malaka Ellen Cogdell

Youth Director Sister Malaka E. Cogdell.

Sister Malaka Ellen Cogdell is a faithful member of the Greater Sweet Beulah Apostolic Church, where she serves the ministry in various capacities. She enjoys serving the Lord. In addition, to being the Youth Leader at Greater Sweet Beulah. Sister Cogdell currently serves as the Sunday School Superintendent.

Sister Malaka was born July 25, 1984, to Ms. Sylvia Cogdell and Mr. Walter Long in Washington, DC. After her mother passed in 1991, she was raised by my grandmother,
Mother Ruth Stephens. Mother Stephens took her to church and taught her how to read and study the word of God.

Sister Malaka graduated from Nansemond River High School in 2003. From high school she attended Paul D. Camp College and majored in General Studies. Sister Malaka loves children and has worked in childcare. She states “I found that I have a love for young children and teaching them God's Word. Studying the Word of God has led me to follow my call to evangelism. I desire to bring hope, joy, and peace into the hearts and lives of people”(Sister M. Cogdell).

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